Will Deeth – Age 16


What the best part about being a teen entrepreneur?

Being able to whatever I want, whenever I want. Being able to experience things that not many kids my age can and being able to help and inspire people whether they are my own age or adults.

How did you start your journey?

My journey started when I was 13 and I had the opportunity to go to China with Mum. I had saved up $900 and I bought some toys and imported them. I started off by selling them at local markets and moved into a shopping center popup shop a week before Christmas and made $10,000 in that week. I was hooked.
The following year I went back to China, reinvesting all my earned money plus further savings and reinvested it in purchasing more toys. That year I made $70,000 in 4 weeks, again just before Christmas and employed my older sister and brother to work for me.

During that next year we got on the spinner craze and sold $11,500 in 4 days and $16,500 in 2 weeks afterwards and to top it all off we finished with making an amazing $120,000 over 3 shops over 4 weeks at the end of last year.

I still plan on doing pop up shops at Christmas and also now focusing on my online sales plus teaching people how to import and taking them to China to show them first hand what to do and how to do it.

What’s one of the greatest lessons have you learnt?

  • Always have fun in whatever you do!
  • The easiest way to make money is to buy something for one price and sell it for a higher price and the best way that I found to do this is to import from China.

If you could give our readers one ‘gold nugget’ or piece of advice what would that be?

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is now so there is no time like the present to start your journey. A lot of people say to me, “I wish I started when I was your age” because they all know that if they started 1 year earlier, 5 years earlier, 10 years earlier, that they would be ahead so much more right now.
Find a course or a coach who can help you jump ahead and avoid all the traps and get started today!!

What exciting project are you working on that you can share with us?

We have just launched our online importing course which means we can help hundreds of people at once and they can all join us right from their homes, watch the training when they want, how they want and however fast or slow they want. It’s a cheap and affordable way to learn how to import from China and get started in the e-commerce world today plus we also offer our clients to come on a week long trip to China where I show them what to do and how to do it.

Hear how Will got started at www.bit.ly/2nqgRyh

You can find out more information at www.iwillimport.com