How to raise Entrepreneurial Teens


Today’s children are tomorrow’s business leaders and start up founders – so we need to help our kids to develop an entrepreneurial spirit from an early age.

Here are 10 strategies that will help to install an entrepreneurial spirit in your teen:

1. Every problem has a solution:

One of the most important skill that any businessperson needs to possess is the ability to problem solve effectively. It is important that you teach children that even if the answer is not glaringly obvious that every problem DOES have a solution – you just might have to think outside the box to find it.

2. Step out of your comfort zone:

The world’s most successful entrepreneurs have always been risk takers. Encourage your child to explore ideas and thoughts even if they are new and at times confronting. Educate your child about the concept of risk and reward and teach them the importance of stepping out of their comfort zone to try new things and to take calculated risks.

3. Develop confidence:

You should always be your child’s greatest supporter. Inspire and uplift your child and show them that you believe in them. Confidence is a huge key to entrepreneurial success so it is vital that you instil it in your child from a young age.

4. Show them what hard work looks like:

There is no better way to teach children about the importance of a good work ethic than by showing them how it is done. Children pay more attention to the actions of their parents than to their words. Your behaviour will provide the model that your child will follow – so work hard and chances are your kids will too.

5. Show them how to manage money:

To be successful in any business it is absolutely essential that your child learn how to manage money. Teach your child very early on about the importance of savings and investing. Sound money management skills will provide the foundation on which your child will be able to build their business success.

6. The importance of the meet and greet:

Don’t ever underestimate the power of first impressions – especially in business. Teach your child how to properly meet and greet people and how to hold a constructive conversation with people of all ages and backgrounds. Good eye contact and a polite attitude will get your child far in the business world and life in general.

7. Work to their strengths:

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses so encourage your child to discover what their specific skill set is and help them to develop and maximise on it. Help your child to work out what it is that they are good at and what it is that they are passionate about and help them to use their strengths to their advantage.

8. Exploration and experimentation:

Although everyone tends to be good at a certain thing don’t let what you are good at limit your experiences. Encourage your child to branch out and explore new ideas and concepts. Show them the value of work experience and volunteering. You never know what your child will discover when you encourage them to open new doors.

9. Share your experiences:

Talk to your child about your own experiences – things you have done well and things that you would do differently. Involve your child in your business world and talk to them about what is going on in your work.

10. Let them learn from failure:

Every successful businessperson has had his fair share of setbacks. What is important is learning to pick your self up and learn from your mistakes. When your child faces a challenge or set back in life help to show them how to use it as a learning opportunity. Talk through the experience with them and help them to learn from their mistakes. If they can learn to deal with failure they will be well on their way to creating success!