“Perseverance, as with any skill, can be learned and strengthened.”

Heading full speed into the world business is an exciting time for young entrepreneurs. There are a host of opportunities out there for those willing and able to put in the effort, but the lessons along the way can be challenging. While there is plenty of wonderful support for business start-ups and entrepreneurship, let’s not forget the ‘inner’ stuff that can sometimes hold back potential.

We are talking about what makes each individual the strong, capable, on-fire business owner they dream of becoming; this includes self-esteem, confidence, resilience, conflict resolution and a growth mindset. These traits are the core to success in ANYTHING.

This is where Big Life Journal steps in, offering a magical kit of resources to help kids and young adults navigate the ups and downs of their own minds. Alexandra and her husband, Scott, created the materials after hunting for something similar for their own son to use. The couple longed to build a business that truly resonated with them personally.

“Like many entrepreneurs, we (my husband and I) weren’t happy in our corporate jobs. We didn’t feel like we were making the difference in the world that we both wanted to. We knew we wanted to create a business that improved the lives of others, in a meaningful way,” Alexandra said.

“We were looking for materials to teach our son what we had learned from successful people, but ultimately couldn’t find anything suitable, so, we decided to create it ourselves.”

Entrepreneurship 101: Learning perseverance

Life lessons come thick and fast as children grow through the teenage years and into adulthood. The trick is to embrace every opportunity and never give up on business or personal goals. From Alexandra’s experience, it is this perseverance that will ultimately deliver young entrepreneurs the success they are chasing. Big things rarely come overnight, but as the saying goes – ‘all good things come to those who wait’!

“Perseverance has to be the number one lesson or characteristic that someone needs in order to be successful as an entrepreneur. It’s an uncharted and challenging road to follow. There will be setbacks, roadblocks, and other obstacles that prevent you from moving forward. The key to success then is to keep trying, try some different tactics or approaches, and keep moving forward,” she said.

“Perseverance, as with any skill, can be learned and strengthened.”

Learning growth and accepting failure

The other piece of sound advice Big Life Journal has for young business owners is to be open to new ideas. This comes with having what is known as a ‘growth mindset’, where an individual is embracing challenges, motivated to learn, and is inspired by wisdom around them. As Alexandra points out:

“Virtually all successful entrepreneurs didn’t become successful in the first business they ever launched. Trying lots of things is a phenomenal way to learn what works and what doesn’t, as well as practice for overcoming future obstacles (which are inevitable).”

How to help your kid-preneur

So, how do young people learn perseverance and open their minds to growth? Alexandra recommends parents help their children laugh and learn from their mistakes and failures.

“Our generation, and generations past, grew up avoiding failure. Parents can help break that cycle by helping kids see that failures are to be accepted, acknowledged, and then learned from. It’s the surest way to help a child find success as an entrepreneur.”

Big Life Journal also offers a Resilience Kit for young people, a printable collection of resources and activities that helps kids learn how to cope despite setbacks, welcome mistakes, and overcome obstacles. These skills are paramount to perseverance and, in turn, success.

With these vital skills on board, our young entrepreneurs will have the best chance at kicking goals and thriving in the business world, no matter where they decide to head. Whether they end up as a company owner, in a partnership, or working for someone else altogether, an entrepreneurial spirit will excel in any field with these ‘inner’ skills mastered.

Big Life Journal similarly plans to grow as Alexandra and Scott open their minds to opportunities and respond to the community’s needs.

“It’s been fun to look back and see how far we’ve come but more exciting to think about where we’re going. Supporting children and young adults live big lives will always be at the core of what we do”

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